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At Fayette, we recognize that maintaining cleanliness in your meat, poultry, pork, or Ready-To-Eat (RTE) processing plant is not just a regulatory requirement – it's a vital aspect of ensuring safety, compliance, and overall success.

Why Choose Fayette?

As a committed partner in USDA Contract Sanitation, Fayette brings unparalleled expertise and specialized solutions to guarantee that your facility not only meets but exceeds the stringent industry standards and USDA regulations.

Fayette is synonymous with expertise and reliability in USDA Contract Sanitation.

Our teams are highly knowledgeable about the specific needs and challenges of meat, poultry, pork, and RTE processing plants.

Expertise You Can Trust

With Fayette, rest assured that your facility is in full compliance with USDA regulations.

We prepare your plant meticulously for audits and inspections, offering thorough documentation and transparent processes throughout.

Compliance Assurance

Fayette considers each plant's unique needs.

Our customized sanitation plans, ensure optimal cleanliness and efficiency tailored to your specific operations.

Customized Solutions

Fayette doesn't just prepare for audits; we aim to exceed expectations.

Our proactive approach tackles potential issues head-on, ensuring seamless operations during inspections.

Proactive Audit Excellence

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Our USDA Contract Sanitation Services

Fayette's Sanitation and Cleaning Service for USDA-regulated facilities is unparalleled in its thoroughness and dedication to public health and safety. We understand the critical importance of sanitation in the meat and RTE product industries. 

Our services are meticulously designed to prevent cross-contamination, ensure product integrity, and maintain a pristine environment. Employing advanced cleaning methodologies and USDA-approved sanitizers, we set the standard for cleanliness and safety in your facility.

Tailored to the unique challenges of meat and RTE processing plants, Fayette's Specialized Sanitation Protocols focus on preventing the spread of pathogens. Our team employs targeted sanitation practices that are critical for your plant’s operations, including deep cleaning of processing equipment and rigorous facility sanitation measures. 

By prioritizing these critical areas, we help you surpass USDA sanitation standards and protect your products and consumers.

Fayette leverages Innovative Cleaning Technologies to enhance the efficacy and efficiency of our sanitation services in USDA-regulated environments. From automated cleaning systems that ensure consistent sanitation of hard-to-reach areas to eco-friendly solutions that reduce water usage and waste, our innovative approaches help your facility operate sustainably while meeting stringent USDA standards. 

These technologies not only support superior cleanliness but also contribute to operational efficiencies and environmental sustainability.

With Fayette, USDA Compliance Assurance means more than just meeting basic requirements. Our dedication to USDA regulations ensures your facility operates with the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. Understanding the specific demands of meat, poultry, and RTE product processing, we implement comprehensive strategies that cover everything from facility layout and process flow to employee hygiene practices. 

Regular audits, detailed record-keeping, and continuous education on USDA guidelines are integral components of our service. Trust Fayette to maintain an environment that not only meets USDA expectations, providing you with peace of mind and a foundation for operational excellence.

Employee Training is a cornerstone of Fayette's USDA Contract Sanitation Services. Recognizing that your staff plays a crucial role in maintaining a sanitary environment, we provide specialized training programs. These programs cover USDA sanitation standards, best practices for preventing contamination, and personal hygiene requirements. 

By empowering your employees with knowledge and skills, we help create a culture of safety and cleanliness that pervades every aspect of your operations.

Fayette's Consultation Services offer personalized support to navigate the complexities of USDA compliance and sanitation challenges. 

Whether you're looking to optimize your current sanitation procedures, implement new technologies, or prepare for a USDA audit, our experts are here to guide you. With a focus on practical, cost-effective solutions, we work alongside you to ensure your facility not only meets but exceeds USDA sanitation standards.

Facilities Served

USDA Contract Sanitation Services Tailored to Your Facility

Fayette Industrial - Meat food handling safety gloves and suit with mask

Meat Processing Facilities

Fayette specializes in comprehensive sanitation services for meat processing facilities:

  • Rigorous cleaning schedules tailored to meat processing.
  • Pathogen and contamination prevention protocols.
  • Stringent compliance with USDA regulations.
  • Detailed preparation for audits and inspections.
Fayette Industrial - Line for the production of meat with packaging and cutting.

Poultry Processing Facilities

For poultry facilities, Fayette's services include:

  • Specialized cleaning protocols for poultry processing equipment
  • Effective measures to control and prevent cross-contamination
  • Adherence to strict USDA guidelines
  • Consistent readiness for USDA audits
Fayette Industrial -  Meat factory food production

Pork Processing Facilities

Fayette's services for pork processing plants encompass:

  • Tailored sanitation plans for pork processing operations.
  • Advanced pathogen control and biosecurity measures.
  • Compliance with specific USDA standards for pork processing.
  • Audit preparation and support.
Fayette Industrial - Factory food manufacturing

(RTE) Ready-To-Eat Plants

In RTE plants, Fayette ensures:

  • High-level cleanliness to prevent cross-contamination
  • Rigorous sanitation schedules suitable for RTE products
  • Adherence to stringent USDA inspection and testing standards
  • Comprehensive support for regulatory audits

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